Last Blog of the Year!!

Hello Everyone! This is our last post of the year 2010 and I wanted to end it with the photos I captured on Tuesday from Sevan & Rozalin’s pre-wedding photo shoot at big bear. I had an awesome time working with them & looking forward to their wedding in January. Our Golden Picture crew wants to deeply thank every single one of our clients for their love and support. It was an honor working with all of you this year and we’re looking forward to capturing many more weddings/engagements this upcoming year. May this New Year bring peace, joy, health, and success to all of you & your families. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Love you all and have a safe New Year Eve :)

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3 Responses to Last Blog of the Year!!

  1. Kristine says:

    I absolutely love all the pictures…you’re an amazing artist and very creative and original with all your pictures keep it up!!

  2. Narine Arzoomian says:

    Wow what a great way to end your 2010 blog year!!! BEAUTIFUL & FANTASTIC pictures!!! love your creativity…it takes alot to be able do to such a thing…

  3. Bianca says:

    This is an awesome blog and i love the theme you used! I look at your blog everyday and love everything about it…keep posting more weddings please :)

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