Vahan & Aneta’s Engagement!

Hope everyone had a great weekend with the beautiful Cali weather! Friday, we shot Vahan & Aneta’s Engagement. Their day started out in the late morning inside the Hotel room and then we hit the streets of downtown LA.  Each shot would come out better than the next – I didn’t wanna stop taking pictures; they were “natural” which made our job easier and enjoyable. We had so much fun hanging out and getting to know the couple. Vahan & Aneta are terrific people, and they were surrounded by so much genuine love amongst their family and friends all day. Congratulations to the lovely couple. Enjoy your pictures :)

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3 Responses to Vahan & Aneta’s Engagement!

  1. Renia says:

    Beautiful Pictures!!! i love them all….You guys did a great job

  2. Mary says:

    Wow it’s so classy and beautiful! great job

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