Karo & Alina’s Wedding!

Hello everyone!! We’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages asking for blog updates, especially since our last blog got an unexpectedly high number of views (which I wanted to thank every single one of you for the support). I would love to have every wedding up on the blog but since we’re short on time and very busy we go with the random selection option. We finally finished Karo & Alina’s wedding, as promised. Their wedding was about two weeks ago and it all started at the Bella Nella Hair Salon where the bride was getting ready. I remember vividly the laughers and tears in the bride’s room, the second she heard the groom was entering her house. It’s the memories and emotions that stay in your heart, as a bride, and being part of these moments is the most valuable experience that I chrish from shooting weddings. Karo & Alina, you two are an amazing couple and I hope your love for one another always stays as strong as it was on the day of your wedding! Have a blast in Paris :)

ps: This month there won’t be any weddings posts (since church is close for weddings), but we will randomly select few engagements from this month for the blog.

Thank You Karo & Alina jan for your kind & generous words!

“I love Golden Picture! Sarmen & Edik, thank you soooooooo much for capturing amazing shots! You guys are great at what you do! We are soooo happy to have met you & become so comfortable & made new friends. Sarmen, you are so calm & collected & composed at all times it’s refreshing! You knew how excited yet nervous I was & you made sur…e it was as relaxed & funfilled as possible! We look forward to seeing our album & can’t even wait for the video! Karo & I couldn’t be happier to have had you guys capture memorable moments for us! I heard dressing the groom & getting him ready was sooo unique & sounds so I can’t wait!!!

We look forward to sharing so many more special events with you guys!

Lots of luv, Karo & Alina”

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  1. Erin says:

    Fantastic! Would love to see more photos of the bride getting ready… we’d love to feature the shirt! If possible please e-mail me at erin@weddingish.com.

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