Wedding Season :)

Here we go!!! The busy wedding season has started! We are excited to be part of 12 weddings this year in the month of June! Wanted to thank every one of my clients for choosing us to be their wedding photographer :) Make sure to book us a year prior to your event, so that we have your event day open. This week was a super busy week with lots and lots of pre-wedding photo shoots. I have chosen two random ones. One of them you’re already familiar with; we did their Engagement about a year ago; my favorite clients: Arake & Ani. The other photo shoot that I chose is Mike & Ani’s. They’re an amazing, fun couple and I got to know them better and got them comfortable behind the camera on the day of their photo shoot. Hope you all enjoy the picures. I’ll try my best to post as many blogs as I can this month with the help of my assistant.    – Golden Picture

Mike & Ani:

Arakel & Ani:

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