Tiran & Liana’s Engagement…

Hello everyone! The busy summer wedding/engagement season is still continuing, but I finally put together Tiran & Liana’s engagement after my mini trip on Monday to Vegas for a pre-wedding photo shoot (which wil be up on the blog after the current blog). There are so many things I could say about Tiran & Liana but it would take too long. From the first encounter when they came down to my studio, something grabbed me towards them. I had soooo much fun working with them; they’re fun, spontaneous and full of good humor. Tiran you, my friend, are something else…you kept me laughing throughtout the day. I’m excited to be working with you guys next year, again for your wedding. May your everyday be as beautiful and happy as you both were on your engagement day!!!

Thank you Tiran & Liana jan!!!!

“We would like to thank Golden Picture Production for being a huge part of our engagement. If it wasn’t for their great skills and professionalism, we wouldn’t have anything to look forward to after the party. The amazing work they put together will always be a part of our memories. We met with so many photographers but we chose the best one to be a part of our special day’s =) we will always look forward in working with you all. We can’t wait till January for our wedding photos.”

With great thanks,

Tiran & Lian

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